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Donate now to provide youth with the competitive edge needed to win college scholarships




Donate now to provide youth with the competitive edge needed to win college scholarships

We are fundraising to keep our program free to the community's youth!

Meet Zarion and Dominic!

Their stories are similar, yet different. They've each experienced painful losses. Dominic lost his grandmother and then within a few months, his mother to cancer. Zarion lost his father tragically to gun violence.

Dominic went through our 5th-9th grade Stickmaster program from the sixth grade until he aged out after completing the ninth grade. He returned as a volunteer and is now one of our lead instructors. He's been offered several scholarships and will attend college in the fall.

Zarion started our program as one of our 1st-4th grade Mini-masters when he was in the first grade. He is now a fifth grade Stickmaster and an honor student who has received academic awards and will be taking high school courses during the next school year.

Dominic and Zarion's circumstances could have placed them both at-risk for negative behavior challenges. However, both of their families agree that Huntsville Community Drumline's free program has provided them with an outlet to channel their energies and redirect their focus. The drumline public performances and weekly practices have equipped them to develop the necessary musical training and leadership skills for them to invest in their own success stories.

When Zarion returned to practice just weeks after his father had been killed, Dominic said to him, "I know how you feel. It's rough! Do your best, do it for your dad, he's watching!"

The final chapters of each of their stories and those of so many of our other drumline students have not yet been written.

Donate now to help us continue encouraging them to write constructive, productive and positive endings to their stories!

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